Let's Celebrate 2019 with FUN!...Take advantage of new and high-quality equipment with latest technology for hours of fun ………We are available for Birthday & Bucks/Hens parties, team building, community groups celebration or private booking. Hurry & contact us now to book!.

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Q – Is it possible to change packages after a booking is made?

A – After a booking is made and you change your mind, it is possible to change activity or packages, subject to availability. We will adjust the new final payment and email you the new details, hassle free.



Q – Are the activities safe to play?

A – Yes, these activities have been played around the world and around Australia for many years now and they are totally safe to play for specified age groups and all levels of fitness. This is because we focus on players’ safety first, promote safe play at all times. We buy equipment from reputable suppliers who make equipment to Australian standards and we also maintain a diligent repair & maintenance schedule on our equipment to ensure they are fit for play at all times.



Q – Finding a suitable venue location for the event, where can I go for that?

A – Depending on the activity or package deals you book, the space requirement will vary. For Kids Car Rides with a track size of 7m x 8m you will find that generally any backyard is suitable. For bubble soccer with playing arena size of 20m x 15m, you will find that generally any outdoor park area, indoor centre or synthetic surfaces are all suitable. For laser tag, we can adjust the play area to suit your venue. However, for maximum play, we recommend an open, flat field area with no hazards is perfect. Indoor sport centres, existing party hire Sydney (party venues, birthday venues or kids party venues) are also great options.  For combo packages, we definitely recommend outdoor open park areas.

Please remember equipment setup time and pack up time is approx. 30 mins each, so ensure your venue booking allows for these extra times on top of the activity play time.

Venue hire may incur administration fees. Please check with your venue operator or local council for further details.


Q – If the weather on the day in bad, could the event be cancelled?
A – Yes, if bad weather persists on the day making the activity unsafe to play, we will contact you to advise of cancellation. If this happens, we will offer a full refund or reschedule the play to another suitable timeslot.



Q – What attire is recommended for each activity?
A – We recommend sensible comfy sportswear that is ideal, and you must wear closed sport shoes for protection. No jewellery should be worn during play.



Q – Do participants need to be fit to play these activities?
A – In fact, these activities chosen by us is suitable for any fitness level. You don’t need to be super fit to play, however a healthy and safe playing attitude is best. A great tip for playing smart and lasting the distance is to ensure the average person plays a steady game so you will last the entire play period. It’s usually the strong ones doing the hard hitting that will run out of steam in the first few minutes, they end up having a harder time keeping up! So play smart!!


Q – What do we bring on the day?
A – Bring water for everyone as we know all the activities will be fun and tiring. Water or energy drinks are great. Why not make a day out of it by bringing along a picnic and enjoy the celebration and atmosphere of all the fun and laughter?